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If you are someone who loves watching cat videos then you have definitely come to the right place because we have one of the cutest videos you could watch today. The video was shared on Instagram and shows how some cats stay in a shelter but in a way that is not very common. They have little cat houses lined up where they just hang out until they are adopted.

The video opens to show how the person recording the video gives viewers a virtual yet interactive tour of cat houses. This person makes sure to go from one cat house to another, lifting the little curtain-like openings that lead to those tiny houses that cats surely like to stay in. And the expressions these cats portray in the cutest ways are what has won over the internet.

The video was shared on the Instagram page named Meowed. This page has over 4.5 million followers who love cats and kittens. This particular video that went viral was shared on the page with a caption that read, “Can you knock please?” And it shows how the first two kitten houses have quite a few cats, but the last one has this majestic cat that netizens couldn’t help but talk about.

Watch the cat video here:

The video was posted on Instagram a day ago and since then it has garnered several comments from people who couldn’t help saying “aww” and asking the person recording to respect the privacy of the cattos! It has also received over 2.6 lakh views so far.

An Instagram user asked: “The last is the VIP class?” They also inserted the emoji of a laughing face. “The room service at this hotel is so rude!” read another comment. A third kindly reads: “So are we just going to adopt them all or what?”

What do you think of this funny and adorable video?

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