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Editor’s Note: Incorporated Inclusiveness

Welcome to a brand new list of Brunch HT Top Models of India 2021. But also, welcome to a whole new world of beauty.

When we started putting together this list a few months ago, we ran into a problem: There had been hardly any fashion shows during a pandemic, so would our new Indian Top Models list be one? repetition of that of 2020? Was it fair to judge these boys and girls when they hadn’t had enough opportunities to show off? And, is a pandemic all the time for a competition?

Looking back, it was a blessing in disguise. It was time to reinvent yourself. Fashion was no longer limited to the ramp; So this list includes new-age influencers from the intriguing new world of social media. Advertising and business models, once nearly laid off by movie stars, have once again been in the spotlight. And more importantly, the beautiful new idea of ​​the beautiful: one that includes all body sizes, gender identities and racial characteristics, has received its due.

As always, this is not a ranking. This is an alphabetical listing by category of names that have outperformed themselves in the past 12 months. When equality of opportunity exists for all, your biggest competitor includes you!

HT Brunch Editor Jamal Shaikh

Beloved forever

People who show that modeling can last as long as any other career.

Archana Akil Kumar, 33 [1]

Striking features and a perfect frame have made her a top choice for runway shows, designer campaigns and magazine editorials.


Candice Pinto, Age retained [2]

Parades. Fitness expertise. Now a maven maven. Candice is a ninja in everything she does.


Deepti Gujral, Age retained [3]

A runway favorite and first choice for fashion films, Deepti is grace personified. It also trains aspirants for international competitions.


Kanika Dev, Age retained [4]

Seen in several designer campaigns, Kanika switches between serenity and ardor with ease.


Kanishtha Dhankhar, 32 [5]

Fashion queen and former Miss India World, she is an Instagram motivator via live yoga sessions.


Lakshmi Rana, Age retained [6]

Moving from the podium to her own business, top model Lakshmi channels her expertise to train new talents.


Rachel Bayros, 35 [7]

A sought-after model who has extended her expertise from fashion to styling and photography, she is also a powerful mom.


Rikee Chatterjee, 33 [8]

Her versatile look makes her the poster girl for the phrase “change is the only constant”.


Sapna Kumar, Retained Age [9]

After leading the runway for many years, she took on an entrepreneurial role with a jewelry line.


Sonalika Sahay, Age retained [1 0]

A model for newcomers, Sonalika is always in great shape and can work out any outfit, anytime.


The best ramp models

Tall, sculptural, and runway-ready, these are the styles that make designer outfits work.

Aishwarya Sushmita, 26 [1 1]

She models, she dances, she trains and she paints. Aishwarya’s fitted frame is a staple of the Kingfisher calendar.


Anjali Lama, 36 years old [12]

Anjali opened the doors of modeling to the LGBTQIA + community. Her strong face makes her stand out every time.


Avanti Nagrath, 19 [13]

The Gen Z model is among the most recognized faces on catwalks, in international placements and lookbooks.


Bardeep Dhiman, 28 years old [14]

Between designers and brands, you will find Bardeep literally everywhere you go: Catwalks, TVC, billboards, digital campaigns, lookbooks and fashion films.


Mahender Kumar (Ben), 28 [15]

Its unique look makes it effortlessly cool on catwalks and TV commercials. Soon he will be opening a fitness center in his hometown, Kullu.


Mitali Rannorey, 31 [16]

Tall and sculptural, Mitali took her fashion expertise a step further by launching a traditional saree brand.

@ mitali.rannorey

A look at the last three covers which featured the list of HT Brunch India's 50 Best Models of (from left) 2018, 2019 and 2020
A look at the last three covers which featured the list of HT Brunch India’s 50 Best Models of (from left) 2018, 2019 and 2020

Rabanne Jamsandekar, 35 [17]

One of India’s first openly gay models, Rabanne readily embraces genderless fashion, posing for Sabyasachi in what might be considered girls’ dresses.


Richa Dave, 27 [18]

On the list for the first time, her exotic look and sharp features propelled her to the top.

@ richadave.10

Sony Kaur, 32 [19]

Sony’s striking features and punchy body language have earned it multiple campaigns and shows. She is also carving candles in her new business.


Sandre Lama, 26 years old [20]

Zander’s style off the ramp is just as cool as it is off the ramp. Its versatility makes it the first choice of designers.


Indian models become international

The international fashion market is in love with these models. They have featured in top fashion editorials, international fashion weeks, and worked for renowned designers and brands.

Bhumika Arora, 32 years old [21]

A regular at New York and London Fashion Weeks, Bhumika has also been seen in top fashion editorials.

@ bhumika_arora04

Dipti Sharma, 27 [22]

From magazine covers in India to Marc Jacobs’ beauty campaign, Dipti’s personal style is chic and stylish.

@ diptisharma511

Pooja Mor, 29 years old [23]

One of the most sought after Indian supermodels overseas, Pooja has helped put India firmly on the fashion map.


Madhulika Sharma, 23 [24]

Madhulika has frequent ‘pinch me, I’m dreaming’ moments as she spots herself on international billboards!


Mansi, 24 years old [25]

From being our cover girl on last year’s top model list to making her mark in the world, Mansi isn’t afraid to be herself.


Natasha Ramchandran, 30 [26]

With multiple agency representations around the world, Natasha is a regular at New York Fashion Week, among other notable jobs.


Nidhi Sunil, 28 years old [27]

Nidhi’s turning point came this year when she became the face of L’Oréal Paris and attended Cannes as one of the brand’s muses.


22-year-old Pratik Shetty [28]

He has shot with renowned designers, most often Alexander McQueen, and has also walked for fashion’s biggest weeks.


Radhika Nair, 29 [29]

Radhika was the first Indian model to walk for Demna Gvasalia Balenciaga. Today she walks for Prabal Gurung, Marc Jacobs, Zimmerman and MSGM, among others.


Ravi Goswani, 28 years old [30]

Placed with nearly ten agencies worldwide, Ravi’s exotic looks have placed him on the international fashion map as one of the strongest male faces.

@ ravi__goswami

Social media-led fashion influencers

These influencers have given fashion a new name. Brands and designers love the way they insert their own sense of style.

Aashna Shroff, 28 [31]

From streets to beaches, Aashna effortlessly transitions from urban style to resort wear.

@ aashnashroff /

Diipa Khosla, 29 years old [32]

From big magazine covers to an appearance in Cannes, Diipa has also shown the world how to make pregnancy more beautiful.


Komal Pandey, 25 [33]

With over a million followers, Komal’s eccentric fashion sense and attention to the smallest detail make her one of the coolest fashion influencers.


Masoom Minwala, 27 [34]

Spotted at Cannes this year, Masoom has effectively used her influence to make Indian fashion a global market.


Nikhil Kandari, Age not available [35]

With prints, pop colors and a nice balance of accessories, Nikhil’s sense of style is individualistic and fresh.


Rahi Chadda, 28 [36]

Magazine covers, front row invitations, designer walks, this face of global fashion is literally everywhere.


Sakshi Sindwani, 25 [37]

One of the first inclusive influencers, Sakshi paved the way for curvy women to create a healthy image.


Santoshi Shetty, 27 [38]

Combining fitness, fashion and fun, Santoshi was one of the first to create an influence on fashion.


Siddharth Batra, 28 [39]

Cool content, nice vibe and lots of fashion, Siddharth shows that men’s clothing can be fun too.

@ siddharth93batra

This year's jury
This year’s jury

Usamah Siddiqui, Age not available [40]

Usamah’s clean aesthetic and minimalist style make him one of the top fashion influencers in India.


Advertising and editorial faces: Chances are, if you drive or change your TV channel, you will spot these acclaimed models.

Anand Dixit, 28 years old [41]

Television advertisements, magazine editorials, fashion campaigns, Anand adapts perfectly to all molds.

@ ananddixit29

Arya Bhat, Age retained [42]

From the chaos of the shoots to the calm of the mountains, Arya finds a beautiful balance. His love for yoga is as strong as the love of fashion for him.


Dayana Erappa, 30 years old [43]

As much a fashion face as a commercially successful actor, Dayana beautifully balances modeling and acting.


Heena Bhalla, 29 [44]

Coffee lovers will recognize this face! Heena fascinates with her beauty in designer campaigns and brand photoshoots.


Imran Khan, 28 [45]

Print and digital campaigns, designer lookbooks and more. Imran’s remarkable features and snug frame keep it at the top of the list.


Khushboo Kankan, Age retained [46]

Khushboo’s fierce walk on the runway turns heads, and we’ll soon see her acting skills.


Robbie J Mairh, Age retained [47]

His dreamy eyes and biker side make him as charming on fabric banners as in motorcycle print campaigns.


Vaibhav Anand, 31 years old [48]

Vaibhav’s tall figure and boyish charm make him the literal embodiment of a poster boy.


Vartika Singh, 28 [49]

Former Miss India Universe, Vartika model for the biggest brands and designers and remains a favorite commercial face.


Vivek Dhiman, 24 years old [50]

Vivek has international appeal and photographs like a dream, which makes him as much a brand favorite as a designer.


From Brunch HT, October 31, 2021

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