Tyler Perry admits he uses Madea voice during sex

How would you feel if you heard the voice of the famous comic character Madea while having sex?

In a new interview with vanity loungeTyler Perry sat down for a polygraph test when he made TMI’s big reveal.

“Have you ever accidentally used Madea’s voice in a conversation? asked the host. Then the polygraph needles exploded drastically.

“Never, uh, no,” he said, clearing his throat. “Sometimes. Once. Occasionally – OK, during sex. Like hellu!” He then broke into a Madea version of Adele’s “Hello.”

Social media was divided over his statement. Some thought it was a joke because, after all, he’s a comedian, while others think he was serious because the lie detector doesn’t lie.

“Tyler Perry admits going by Madea’s voice during sex ruined everything for me…my night, my week, my month, etc.” an user tweeted. Another one added“Tyler Perry using Madea’s voice during sex is something I better not know about.”

Perry had a second viral moment in the interview when he followed Keke Palmer who said, “I have no idea who that man is, sorry about that man” in response to a photo of Dick Cheney during her own vanity lounge lie detector test.

Perry claimed he didn’t know Star Wars director JJ Abrams, whom he personally admired and also worked with when he starred in the star trek movie. The interviewer asked if his work was better than Abrams, Perry doubled down on his sarcasm by mispronouncing his name.

Watch the Tyler Perry lie detector test below.

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