Venus in Aries will bring you a fresh start in sex and love.

It’s time to be brave in matters of the heart!

Venus, our sweet planet of connection, will ignite in the skies of Aries from May 2 to 28, 2022. This will bring a surge of passion into your life and help you start fresh in your relationships!

Venus, the planet of love, spends nearly a month in each zodiac sign per year. In Aries, her fiery side will ignite, challenging us to be confident and charismatic in how we pursue our heart’s desires. Now is not the time to settle down or feel comfortable in our relationships. Nope! It’s time to create the love story of our dreams by taking charge of ourselves and demanding what we want!

In the weeks to come, we will be eager to conquer relationships and new connections as if we were a warrior: ready to chase what we love, covet or desire. This will absolutely bring a shot of adrenaline to our hearts, but could also make us a bit more aggressive if we feel like we’re not getting what we want. On the one hand, this fiery energy will encourage us to be bold, fresh and active lovers, ready to experience all that life has to offer. But it can also make us impulsive, impatient and impractical too.

While this may signal a whole new day – a whole new era – in our relationships, it’s up to us to show up and be upfront about what we’re looking for. Those who sit and wait will be left behind, and stale relationships will have two choices: spice them up to keep them or something else brighter may inspire us to leave you in the dust instead.

Venus in Aries will encourage you to continue the romantic adventure.
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Singles can use this sexy energy to encounter plenty of new options, casual flings, and passionate lovemaking, especially because we’ll be seduced in the heat of the moment by whatever we want right now! Venus, often seen as a magnetic and seductive planet, has a particular time in Aries, as it is known to be to its detriment. This means that the planet is forced to work against its natural tendencies to adopt a more dominant and cunning side instead. You see it, you like it, you want it, you have it!

Take a peek into a mini horoscope of how Venus in Aries will affect your zodiac sign in the weeks to come! Follow me for a daily overview or read the 2022 predictions for your zodiac sign or your 2022 love life and relationship horoscopes now! Don’t forget to check your monthly horoscope for me too!


Step into the spotlight, Aries, and let Venus energize your beauty and attraction! You’re in one of the most radiant times of the year, and it’s the perfect time to update your look, buy a new wardrobe or even try a new haircut. Focus on improving your appearance and you’ll keep that sexy vibe all year round! Focus on fun, romance, and connection during this time.

Date idea: hit a hiking trail, park or other outdoor destination!


Call on those meditative vibes, Taurus! As Venus dances through your loneliness sector, you’ll actually feel a little lower. If he is single, this TBH is not the best time for dating or dating…it happens in June. If you’re committed, use this time to relax together and have some one-on-one time.

Date idea: order, forget the movies and give yourself a head massage!


Yassss, it’s time to party! As Venus activates your social crown, you’re about to feel famous, Gemini! Attend parties, celebrations and network during this time. If you’re single, you might catch the eye of someone in your friend group or have better luck in online dating.

Date idea: get tickets for a concert and go wild!

Predictions of the zodiac sign Venus in Aries
Venus in Aries has the power to ignite your heart.
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The universe is shining a light on your career right now, Cancer. This gives you an extra dose of luck when it comes to awards, promotions, or even just recognition from bosses or authority figures. Ask for favors and show the world that you are a star.

Date Idea: Do a couple photoshoot and make it super trendy!


Let’s think outside the box, Leo! With Venus dancing in your expansion sector, she brings you all kinds of gifts to open your mind and have a little fun. Travel would be great for you whether you are single or attached. If you can’t get out of town, get out on the city and visit a museum or a good exotic restaurant!

Meeting idea: discover a foreign film festival!


Let’s get physical, Virgo! As Venus crosses your intimacy zone, you feel erotic and cozy. This energy will improve your TLC between your SO and you! Have one-on-ones and try long love sessions.

Date idea: go to a sex shop together and buy personal items!

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Get ready for a time of happy partnerships, Libra! As Venus dances across the sky from you, you will find peace, joy, and unity in all of your personal and professional relationships. Existing relationships will expand, giving you the ability to make commitments. Singles might find someone who is like a mirror.

Meeting idea: create a vision board together of the things you would like to do!


Time to get busy, Scorpio! Venus will tap into your employment industry, bringing you a faster pace and more projects to your desk. Existing projects should flow more smoothly, as well as relationships with your colleagues. If you are looking for a new job or more clients, you are in luck!

Date idea: go to an industry mixing room together and show off!

Venus in Aries Horoscopes
Be brave in love and relationships with Venus in Aries.
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Romance is a way of life, Sagittarius, and your heart is about to ignite like wildfire! Passion, pleasure, hobbies, creativity and sex will be sweeter than ever for you. It’s one of the best times of the year for singles to find someone new, so update this dating profile and line it up! Existing couples can also enjoy this vibe. If you are looking to have a child or spend time with your children, laughter and fortune are guaranteed.

Idea of ​​meeting: pass in front of a games room, throwing axes or another sporting spectacle!


As Venus shines on your home, your family, and your domestic life, you will feel the need to relax in a low-key mood. Some Capricorns might even be inspired to update their living space or host a sweet little dinner party!

Meeting idea: organize a board game evening!


Everything you say will feel eloquent and powerful now, Aquarius, as Venus sings hymns in your communications sector. This ensures that any writing, speaking or publicity initiative will go well. If you want to change your routine and go out to a nearby town, you will make some great memories.

Date idea: Visit a nearby town you’ve never been to together!


Bring the moneyyyyyyy, honeyyyyy! As Venus enters your prosperity sector, gifts, gold, and income could be drawn to you like King Midas! Find ways to search for gorgeous items during a sale – something amazing will call your name.

Date idea: go on a mini shopping spree together!

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