Venus in Pisces Will Bring Your Zodiac Sign True Love

Romance, beauty, soul mates and magic – yes, this could be just around the corner for you!

As Venus dives deep into the tropical reefs of Pisces from April 5 to May 2, 2022, prepare for life to be more enchanting and beautiful!

Venus, the planet of relationships, typically spends a few weeks – almost a month – in each zodiac sign per year. Yet one of her favorite places to swim is Pisces, where she is known to be elated –AKA able to deliver his greatest blessings most easily. So what does this mean for you?

Get ready to drown in fun, laughter, romance and euphoria! Venus in Pisces will enhance our relationships and our creativity, allowing us to open our hearts even more deeply. Whether you’re single or attached, all zodiac signs will feel this blessed and magical vibe!

In fact, it’s one of the best times of the year to dreams to realize and kindred spirits to find. However, this doesn’t just have to be limited to romantic unions – it could be a long-lost pet, friend or relative coming into your life now! We won’t look at love in black or white: we will see all the colors of love as if it were a prismatic rainbow.

We also have the opportunity to heal in a meaningful way during this time, especially when it comes to past trauma or in our relationships. Forgive others. Forgive yourself. Open your heart and mind to the possibility that love and beauty exist around every corner and in every part of the universe. You were born for love. Kiss him.

Open your heart when Venus is in Pisces.
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Take a peek into a mini horoscope of how Venus in Pisces will affect your zodiac sign in the weeks to come! Follow me for a daily overview or read the 2022 predictions for your zodiac sign or your 2022 love life and relationship horoscopes now! Don’t forget to check your monthly horoscope for me too!


Get ready to feel particularly sensual and sensitive, Aries! You will feel the need to recharge your emotional batteries behind closed doors, either in solitude or relaxing with your important partner at home. Now is a great time to release any pain you’ve been holding on to, even if it’s just with a therapist to release it from your chest. Think about the role romance has played for you over the past year and how you would like to improve it in the future.

Meeting idea: plan a mini getaway with your partner where you sleep and turn off your phones to just focus on exchanging TLC!


Get ready to feel as popular as ever, Taurus. With your planetary ruler shaking it up in your social sector, you’ll focus on having fun with your best friends and friends. Ride around the city, attend fun events, or even consider asking out that cutie you’ve got your eye on but originally thought was just a friend zone…it could turn into something more! Online dating is also sparkling now, so step up!

Meeting idea: organize a group event or a dinner party – attend a magic or comedy show!


Career matters will shine like gold for you now, Gemini! As Venus shines the spotlight on your accomplishments, you’ll be on everyone’s VIP list! Promotions, awards, celebrity status – you name it – victories could be at your fingertips! However, this will also tie into how hard you shoved, so if you don’t see a big win, it’s a reality check to get into this grind. Asking favors from authority figures will also be fine now.

Meeting idea: sign up at Raya or if you’re single to find a hottie with a lot to offer! If you are engaged, treat your partner like royalty.


Take a look at your schedule and think about how you can add more sugar, spice, and unique experiences in the weeks ahead, Cancer. In fact, some of you may even be traveling out of town or planning to do so very soon! However, if you’re stuck closer to home, immersing yourself in exotic culture and foods and eye-opening experiences might be just what you need. On a more practical level, Venus energizing your life now could also help you with your media, academic, and legal endeavors.

Meeting idea: take your boo on an immersive experience!

Venus couple Pisces on the beach
Relax and focus on fun and creativity with Venus in Pisces.
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Get ready to feel super cuddly and affectionate, Leo! As Venus enters your sizzling, sexy sector of your sky, you might be feeling sensitive AF! It’s a great time for some TLC, but TBH, Committed Lions will benefit the most, while Singles might just feel very needy. Another way this vibe will help you, however, is in financial matters, perhaps attracting a bonus, inheritance, payment, or settlement.

Meeting idea: spend a night learning tantra with your partner!


Partnership, union, and commitments are all smiling at you now, Virgo! Although to be fair, the energy of the whole year will bring you significant growth in relationships, the current period could also bring a fabulous turning point. Expect more synergy, camaraderie, and closeness. Attached couples should feel more harmony while singles can attract someone with long-term potential!

Meeting idea: plan a magical evening with your partner where you will discuss long-term hopes and dreams that you would like to address side by side!

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While you’re so often in the mood for love, with your planetary ruler moving through your productivity sector, life will move at a breakneck pace, Libra! However, this energy should bring more harmony and affinity to your work, as well as give you a chance to enjoy a little more work-life balance. Relationships with colleagues or staff who report to you will also go well. If you are looking for a new job, this atmosphere will help you greatly. Finally, a sweet and adorable way to tap into this energy is to spend more time with your pet or even get a new one!

Meeting idea: take a fitness class with your partner!


LUV is in the air and Cupid is raining arrows down on you, Scorpio! It’s one of the most gorgeous times of the whole year for single Scorpios to dust off their hottest outfit and line up dates to meet up and go like a wrecking ball! Sex will be especially sweet now! Committed Scorps need not worry, as you can use this energy to spice up your connection, pursue fertility matters, or spend time with your children.

Meeting idea: plan a photo session with your partner, even if it’s an intimate moment just for your eyes!

Woman enjoys a Venus massage in Pisces astrology
Treat yourself to a day at the spa when Venus is in Pisces!
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Get ready for more harmony and sweetness to fill your heart, hearth, and home, Sagittarius! As Venus dances in your home sector, you will have more opportunities to arrange your living space into the perfect sanctuary. Buying a beautiful decor or cozy bedding will always make you happy! In addition, relations with your family should also improve.

Meeting idea: go out with your bae and pick out some new bedding or a cute mattress!


Your words are magic right now, Capricorn! Everything you imagine, think and say will have a sweet touch, helping you launch every message dear to your heart. Now focus on branding, social media, writing or speaking projects and you will find them extremely well received. If you have the opportunity to quickly get out of town for an impromptu vacation, you’ll also find it particularly memorable.

Meeting idea: venture out into nature for a day trip with your boo!


Money could rain down like golden rains, Aquarius! Gifts, checks or even a pay raise can bring you extra income. However, it can instead attract some wonderful possessions your way, so if you’re on the hunt for something in particular, keep an eye out for a sale!

Meeting idea: treat yourself and your darling to a 5 star night out on the town!


Get ready to shine like the star you are, Pisces! As Venus graces your zodiac sign, you are more radiant and gorgeous than ever! Use that time to update your wardrobe, get cosmetic surgery, or just get some new face creams or a haircut! By soaking up these magnificent vibrations, you will be able to attract anyone and anything you lay your eyes on. Embrace romance, fun, and intimacy as much as possible.

Meeting idea: opt for a couples massage!

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