Credit Information Bureau is an enterprise founded by private banks and by the Best Bank. The task of this office is primarily to collect, share and integrate data that relate to the credit history of customers of banks, credit unions, as well as currently and non-bank loan companies. The data in the BIK contain a set of information on the obligations of bank customers. With this data, you can check whether a given customer is reliable and whether he will be able to repay the next loan he will take. BIK deals with so-called credit ascending.


The Credit Information Bureau deals with data administration

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And makes it available for later analysis in a given institution which deals with financing. Banks and all companies that grant consumer credit are responsible for ensuring that information reaching BIK is available. The institution that provided information to BIK has the possibility to correct it if it is already out of date. The Credit Information Bureau not only provides negative information about the client, but also positive information. There you will find information about loans that have not been repaid on time, and about those that have been repaid on time. Thanks to information from BIK, the loan recipient can have a much easier time in making a credit decision. They have a certain picture of the payer’s loan and can assess it.


It is estimated that about 90% of the data collected

It is estimated that about 90% of the data collected

In BIK are positive information for the client. They show how reliably the previous liabilities have been repaid and thus give clients the opportunity to build a positive credit history. With a good credit history, you can count on the fact that the bank will not refuse to grant you a loan and, what is important, you can get better credit terms. Scoring BIK is a method of scoring credit risk. It is designed to determine the credibility of credit loan. This credibility is checked on the basis of comparing the profile of one recipient’s loan with the profile of the other person who has already received the loan . A similar result gives us a higher rating. The rating we can get is in the range of 192 to 631 points. Data placed in the Credit Information Bureau may be deleted. This is only possible if the data is positive. Negative data cannot be deleted by yourself. You can ask the bank to restructure our debt. After repayment of the loan , the data should be updated in the BIK.

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