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China finds Suarez and RushKing

The wait is over! You Monday, after more than a week of separation, Eugenia La China Suarez and Rushking They met in Montevideo, Uruguay, where she works. The singer traveled to a neighboring country and was with his girlfriend. It was she who went to her social network to share the tender video in which we see them lying in bed, hugging each other. She goes to kiss him and caresses his cheek. “My Love Has Arrived” He wrote and later introduced himself that he was greeted with glazed donuts to be received in the afternoon.

Before the arrival of her companion yesterday, she also posted a family photo under the title “my crew”. in this you see RufinaFruit of his relationship with Nicolas Cabaret, embracing the sons of his younger brothers, Benjamin Vicuna, Four’s Magnolia and Two’s Amancio. As she said, young children, as long as their school and their parents’ work allow it, accompany them everywhere, like last year when they went to Madrid with them, that too for a film.

“My team, my family,” the actress wrote alongside an image of her three children who are always with her everywhere (@sangrejaponesa)

The actress had arrived in Uruguay just a week ago and at that time she herself confirmed it with photos and videos from Montevideo. Eugenia usually chooses neighboring countries to spend holidays with her family, but this time it’s about professional commitments that she has accepted for a long time. In addition to showing a bit of her routine in the capital of Uruguay, these days she has dedicated a romantic message to her boyfriend, dashWhat I already wanted to see. “I miss you,” she wrote without hesitation in a story accompanied by a photo of her and the musician hugging her.

After settling there last Tuesday, the former almost angel He also posted a selfie with the Uruguay flag and a heart emoji, then shared a clip of himself walking along Montevideo Boulevard. According to local media, Will stay the whole month of August to shoot a film with Joaquin Furiel, Whose name is still unknown. It is worth recalling that this year the artist was encouraged to combine his acting career with his vocation as a singer, and released two songs: “The Game of Love”in collaboration with Santiago Celli, and “What They Say About Me”a composition that escapes him some of his feelings when Wandagate on social networks.

It’s not the first time he’s come to Montevideo for work. without continuing, In May, he participated in the cycle which will soon be broadcast on Telfe, Who’s the mask?, In which with an ice dress that did not let imagine that it was her, she interpreted many Until the end, she left the competition and only then did she take off her veil. There he expressed his love for the Uruguayans, who always show him their affection through social networks.

At the time, he offered some clues to reveal his identity: “I love watching television but sometimes I’m shy. Especially if I’m zapping and I find myself on screen because it’s rare to see each other. Music has a very important place in life, The freedom I get from singing, dancing and acting, I don’t get from any other activity.At the time, it was also defined as “an old soul in a young bodyand clarified that while he loved music from all eras, his favorite genre was jazz.

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