Who plays Faye in “Euphoria”?

Who plays Faye on Euphoria?

The highly anticipated new season of HBO’s teen drama arrived in January, and it didn’t disappoint. Fans celebrated the return of season one characters played by Zendaya, Angus Cloud and Jacob Elordi after the series suffered setbacks due to the ongoing pandemic.

Viewers were also impressed with new blood. Chloe Cherry in particular is proving to be a major scene stealer.

About who is Faye Euphoria?

Cherry plays Faye, a newcomer who fits effortlessly into the show’s dark world. The girlfriend of one of Fezco’s drug-dealing buddies, Faye is a young heroin addict who often gets in over her head (and never seems to know what day it is).

Cherry manages to inject a dark sense of humor with her portrayal of Faye. Bold and shocking, she proves to be an important addition to the talented cast.

Even if you don’t follow Euphoria, chances are you discovered Cherry’s character on social media. She’s become something of a viral sensation thanks to her particularly large lips, according to Development. Celebrity Saga notes that her smackers have even earned Cherry the nickname Lip Girl in some circles.

All things considered, Faye and Cherry were given a warm welcome to the critically acclaimed show. So what do you need to know about the rapidly rising star?

Chloe Cherry is a pornstar and Euphoria Is this his television debut

decision maker Note that Euphoria appears to be Cherry’s first mainstream acting gig. However, she is not new to the camera. In fact, the star is a porn industry veteran.

According to his profile on IMDb, Cherry made her porn debut in 2015 as Chloe Couture.

Since then, she has starred in around 170 projects. This includes his most recent cameos in a series titled Mama’s daughter. His latest addition to the franchise arrived in 2021.

Chloe Cherry is well known on social media

Given that Cherry is newer to the mainstream acting world, fans are probably hungry to learn more about the budding star.

Luckily, you can follow her on social media. Cherry has a profile on Instagram, where she operates under the shiny handle @perfect_angelgirl.

She also has an art account – @perfect_angelart — where she shares some of her creative endeavors. The majority of Cherry’s content appears to be collage work. However, she immersed herself in photography and other crafty hobbies.

Cherry is very active on her main page, where she has posted several times before. Euphoria start. A Publish from earlier this month poked fun at his character’s introduction.

For those who may not remember, in her introduction to the scene, Faye was surprised to learn that it was New Year’s Eve, which Cherry referred to in the accompanying caption.

She also shared a celebratory snap on the day of the season premiere. Check that below:

“It was such an amazing experience,” she said of the opportunity in the accompanying caption. Cherry thanked Zendaya and shouted out “incredibly talented cast and crew.”

It’s unclear exactly how much of a role Cherry will play as Faye on Euphoria. However, the general consensus seems to be that she deserves as much screen time as possible.

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