Woman says I felt like a cruelly treated farm animal


The most shocking scoop of the day here is that in the row of famous Bollywood singer, actor and rapper Honey Singh, the woman says I felt like a cruelly treated farm animal.

It was truly shocking to all fans and internet users of the talented musician and singer and also put the entire Bollywood and TV industry in a huge shock when the wife of award winning singer and rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh (Hirdesh Singh), Shalini Talwar officially went ahead and filed a strong complaint against him under the “Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence Act” in the Tis Hazari Court in Delhi and the latest update is that in the current Honey Singh line, the woman says I felt like a cruelly treated farm animal.

Also according to a recent report in a leading Indian publication, “the court sent the singer a notice and gave him until August 28 to file his response.” The report made it clear that Shalini had made serious allegations and also accused him of “physical, verbal and mental abuse” and a shocking revelation here is that in this controversial row from Honey Singh, the woman says I felt like a cruelly treated farm animal.

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In the report, she also explained how Honey Singh became “addicted to alcohol and anabolics”. So much so that he became really arrogant and abusive while having intimate relationships with several women while being married to her.

A prominent Indian news agency, also confirming the news on Twitter, wrote: “Case filed against Bollywood singer and actor ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh (Hirdesh Singh) by his wife Shalini Talwar under protection law women against domestic violence. The Delhi court in Tis Hazari sent the singer a notice and asked for his response on this matter ”.

It is also reported that the court gave Honey Singh an official notice for August 28 and also passed interim orders in favor of Shalini Talwar, thus legally preventing Honey Singh from parting with her joint property with her, including the Stridhan from his wife, etc. .

Shalini Talwar also spoke about how she was constantly subjected to numerous incidents of physical, mental, verbal and emotional abuse from her husband Honey Singh and her family. According to a recent report published by a renowned Indian news agency, she made it clear how Honey Singh had literally beaten her several times over the past few years and even now she lives in constant fear as he and his family threatened her. . with physical injuries and in this plea she also confessed to being physically assaulted by him for the past decade and also explained how Honey and her family had broken her mentally and physically to such an extent that she almost wanted to identify himself as “farm animal, driven here and there while being treated with cruelty”.

Shalini also brought serious cheating allegations against her husband, claiming that he frequently had casual sex with tons of multiple women and never wore his wedding ring besides beating her mercilessly for posting their wedding photos in line.

Apart from all this, she also shared that once her stepdad entered her room drunk as she changed her clothes and put her hands on his chest, thus doing sexual assault. and physical assaults with it.

Shalini Talwar has received formal court orders asking her husband to pay Rs 10 crore as interim compensation for committing domestic violence against her.

In addition, she begged the court to officially order the singer to pay rent of Rs 5 lakh each month for fully furnished accommodation in Delhi to ensure that she can live independently and not remain dependent on her widowed mother. .

On top of that, she also officially barred the singer from selling or creating a third party interest in their common household and also from selling her dowry items.

Hirdesh Singh, known professionally as Yo Yo Honey Singh, and Shalini got married on January 23, 2011.

Before filing a complaint against her husband, Shalini Talwar had shared some really cryptic and confusing social media posts regarding mental and physical abuse which later also began to worry all internet users who then asked her if she was okay. or not.

However, the one social media post that caused the most concern was when she wrote on her official ID on the social networking app Instagram: “It doesn’t matter what category of society we belong to, rich or poor, educated or not, whether you are famous or not a woman’s plight is the same in the face of atrocities. #harshreality #narcissisticabuse ”.

A week ago, she shared another quote photo that read, “Never excuse ballast from someone who lies. It only proves their lack of character, integrity, deceit and bad mentality ”.

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