Yes! You may name the new Kennewick High School Gymnasium Kamiakin!


All around the Tri-Cities we have our local high school stadiums and gymnasiums and they are named after different people and things. Now you have a chance to name the brand new Kamiakin High Gym!

School officials are asking people to name the new gymnasium Kamiakin and you can help with the nomination process, you never know they might choose your name!

How do you name a gym?

Yes, the gym could be your choice of name. Edgar Brown Stadium, Fran Rish, and the Ed Hendler Bridge are just examples of places that are named after people from the Tri-Cities.

Could you name someone special with the naming rights?

Do you have a loved one or someone special that you would like to be remembered, this might be one way to do it.

Here are the details on the school website:

At the request of the school district administration and community members, the Kennewick School District Board of Directors authorized the district to initiate the process for the designation of the Kamiakin High School gymnasium.

The district is looking for name suggestions that deserve community recognition. When submitting your idea, please include the rationale for your recommendation. All members of the community are welcome to participate. The deadline is October 21.

A Gymnasium Nominating Committee, made up of students, parents, staff and community members, will review the submissions, review the rationale, and make recommendations to the school board at the November 17 board meeting. The board can choose from the list of names or choose another name for the gymnasium.

How do I submit a name for the new Kamiakin Gymnasium?

You will have until October 21 to submit your suggestions and it’s an easy sign-up sheet – If you would like to submit a name or suggestion, click here for details.

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