Zola: Is Taylour Paige really a pole dance in the film?


one of the first questions I got after seeing Zora It was if it was actually Taylour Paige in the pole dance scene. Spoiler Note: this is not a double bodysuit, it is her! In addition to providing one of the best performances of his career as a title role, Page spent time stripping naked in preparation for his role in the film. “The film continues to be postponed, and as an artist you regain your composure. I decided to undress Page told POPSUGAR at the film’s premiere at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival: “I really needed the money from August to September. It was true, so I wanted to come in that way. is.”

Working for four weeks at the Crazy Girls Club on the Sunset Strip in LA, she learned everything from gripping to where to put her hands. “Sex work is very difficult and exhausting, but it can also be very stimulating,” she said. “I took great agency and confidence. It’s a business and it’s very important to love yourself because you feel like a piece of meat. She went “masked” to a strip club. For the reason, she did not want to call for representation. Obviously, the technical dance is very different. She shared with the insider, “I didn’t want to call or be like an actor more than someone who works as a stripper in a restaurant. [or] I didn’t want to be like a dancer trying to undress. .. .. I wanted to fully learn, respect and respect this culture, these women. ” Zora, Currently at the theater.

Zola: Is Taylour Paige really a pole dance in the film?

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